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Athera is a land full of magical people, fantastical beasts, and mystical kingdoms. It is studded with ancient ruins left behind by a long lost civilization. It had always been a peaceful realm.
That was until about twelve years ago when the Legion came down from the stars and began to colonize the planet. Their expansion was swift and brutal. Caught on the back foot, the kingdoms of Athera gathered all of their most powerful magic users—called Princesses—and forged the first Princess Accord. Unified, they were successful in beating the Legion back to their stronghold. Sadly, their final assault ended in tragedy. The Princess Accord shattered and the Kingdoms turned to isolation.
It has been twelve years, and a new generation of princesses is beginning to see the need for another Accord. The Legion has been attacking towns again. The Kingdoms are sending out dance invitations. And the Tangled Woods have been getting stranger and stranger.
You, the princesses and warriors of factions at odds, will fight, quarrel, and flirt in your efforts to sway Athera in your favor.

For The Honor is a GM-less casual narrative RPG based on Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands and The King Is Dead by Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker.
For The Honor is comprised of 11 mini-games: Discover Something New, A Chase, A Conversation Over Food, A Dance, Mincing Words, Meeting Blade to Stave, A Reunion, Stealing Time Together, A Rescue, An All-Out Battle, and A Unified Assault. 

3-6 players. 2-5 hours per session. 

This game is in development. The current version is 0.3.
 Purchases help me commission art work, pay editors, and refine the game further. Buying the game now will get you the final version when it is released.  For updates follow @Mx_quinn and @forthehonorrpg on twitter.

I would love to hear about the stories you tell with this game. You can send stories and feedback to forthehonorrpg@gmail.com. 


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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