For the Honor Kickstarter Launch!

The For the Honor Kickstarter is live!

Hey there! 

I am so excited to announce that the For The Honor Zine Quest 2 Kickstarter is now live! Click here to check it out!

For this campaign I am getting a bunch of new art, finalizing the text, and producing a run of physical zines!

The Kickstarter version will be as final a version as I will make. It will feature a gorgeous full-color cover (below), a landscape illustration and a number of smaller character illustrations by the amazing and talented Paige (@ootron on twitter).  

In addition to the new art I will be tuning up the writing, getting it edited, and polishing up the design and layout to make it worthy of being called a final version.  

Text updates include:

  • Making the game more inclusive and less gendered by replacing "princess" with "princept".
  • Editing the mini-game to make them clearer and more kid-friendly.
  • Retuning some mini-games to make play easier and more fluid.
  • Extended guidance for character creation.
  • and much more, I'm sure!

The Zines themselves will be 5.5x8.5 and about 40 pages long. The cover will be printed on 100lb cover stock in beautiful full color with a matte finish. The internal pages will be black and white on 80lb text. I will be printing the zines using Mixam. 

again, you can check it all out here! The campaign will run from the 13th to the 27th! Don't miss it!

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