For The Honor is updated! It has beautiful cover art by Finn J. Carey now.  


New Art
  • Added the beautiful cover art by Finn J Carey.
  • Added back cover frogs by Sasha Reneau
  • Beautified page numbers and headers.
Changes to layout and text
  • Added descriptions to the table of games.
  • Table of games entries are clickable and functional. 
  • Added “Back To Top” buttons to each game. No more scrolling back and forth frantically.
  • added example character card under the “Introducing Your Character” section.
Changes to games
  • added “think about how your abilities might color the actions you take” to most of the game’s instructions sections.
  • A Conversation Over Food
  • Added “when it feels like a good place to cut away” to “Ending the Conversation”

A Dance

  • Added a new question: “I use my abilities to dazzle you. Are you swept off your feet?”

Mincing Words

  • Reordered leading questions
  • Removed duplicate leading question
  • Rewrote a few Leading Questions and closing questions

Meeting Blade to Stave

  • Removed a leading question
  • Reordered the questions
  • Rewrote a few Leading Questions and Closing Questions
  • Removed the lethality from the Closing Questions
  • Removed a Closing Question
  • Added two Closing Questions: “I turn tail and run away. Do you chase me or do you let me leave?” And “I hurt you badly and realize that I need to give you medical attention. Do you accept my help or do you fight me off?”


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Apr 13, 2019

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